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Cleany teeth

When was the last time you removed all the bacteria in your dog’s mouth?

Are you concerned by bad breath and the thought of having your dog put under aesthetic at the vet?

Why does dog dental health matter?

Did you know by 3 years old 80% of dog’s will have some level of dental disease! Periodontal disease can lead to gingivitis (gum inflammation) and periodontitis (break down of jaw bone and soft tissue)

The toxic bacteria caused by plaque and tartar moves through the whole body as it enters the bloodstream, with time these bacteria can lead to heart, kidney, and / or liver damage reducing the life expectancy of your beloved pet.

Regular cleaning is the most effective way to prevent dental disease. This is not an easy job for most dog owners especially with inadequate tools on the market. With Cleany teeth dental we as groomers can get your dog’s smile sparkling again.

How does Cleany teeth work?

The Cleany Teeth Ultrasound toothbrush for Dog’s. It combines ultrasound air-oscillations with ultrasound nano-bubble toothpaste to fight dog dental disease by:

-Cleans the teeth by removing plaque and tartar build up

-Decreases mouth odour

-Stress free cleaning without noise and vibration

-Prevents the generation of plaque and tartar

-Cleans even where bristles DO NOT reach. (e.g. gum pockets, interdental spaces, in fissures)

-Naturally antibacterial ultrasound eliminates pathogenic bacteria build up on the teeth, gums and especially under the gum line.

-Stimulates healing, regeneration of wounds and damaged tissue

-Abrasion free so doesn’t hurt the enamel, gums or teeth

-Optimises blood circulation and lymphatic flow through the mouth

-Offers real prophylaxis, no long intervals compared to visiting the vet once a year

Using this ultrasound toothbrush is STRESS FREE for your dog.

-No anaesthesia

-No sound

-No vibration of device or brush head

-No rotation of brush head

Teeth cleaning / descaling Price

First appointment - 45 minutes  / 30 minute appointment's there after

Small dog's - From £65

  Medium dog's - From £75

 Large dog's - From £85



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